January 11, 2019

Why now is the worst time to start a divorce – If Jeff Bezos was getting divorced in the UK, he would have just made one hell of a tactical mistake — one that, assuming he has to transfer an awful lot of Amazon shares to his soon-to-be ex wife, would have cost him many millions of dollars.

Can You Settle Student Loan Debt? – When you took out a student loan to pay for school, you probably didn’t expect it to go into default. But more than 1 million federal student loan borrowers default each year, according to the Urban Institute, a think tank focused on economic and social policy research.

Mortgage Rates Hit Lowest Point in Nine Months – Mortgage rates fell again in the latest week, hitting their lowest point in the past nine months for both 15- and 30-year products, a move that could propel more activity in the U.S. housing market.