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Community Mediation Services Work to Rehabilitate Prisoners

Monday, June, 27, 2011

Community mediation services have long been recognized as providing essential conflict mediation for ordinary citizens, but they are being increasingly used in another setting as well: jails.  Hartford County in Maryland points the way, establishing a prisoner re-entry mediation program with the help of local mediation services. 

The goal of the program is to help inmates prepare for life outside prison so that they are less likely to return to a life of crime.  In this way, the re-entry mediation program helps not just the inmates themselves, but also the community and state at large as it is in nobody's best interest to release inmates who will commit additional crimes against the citizens of Maryland.

County Executive Supports Community Mediation Services

“Mediation greatly supports the transition of individuals from prison back into communities,” said David R. Craig, the County Executive in Hartford.  “Nationally, recidivism rates hover at nearly 70 per cent, where communities continue to struggle with high unemployment, high rates of addiction, and other difficulties.  Here in Harford County, our re-entry mediation program will work to rebuild positive relationships, a proven strategy to reduce recidivism and increase the rate of successful re-entry.”

The program began this past May as a partnership between county community services departments, the local detention center, and the sheriff's office. 


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