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Use of Legal Mediation Expands in Thane, India

Thursday, June, 30, 2011

Legal mediation is poised to expand in Thane, a city in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region in Maharashtra, India.  District courts in the city will soon be using the mediation process to work through a large backlog of cases pending in the judicial system; two specialists have been hired to hear litigants and help resolve their disputes. 

The goal of the mediation sessions is to arrive at negotiated settlements that will be acceptable to all parties in a given dispute.  When cases can be resolved in this way, it helps the litigants by providing a quick end to the argument instead of months or years of court procedures.  It also helps the courts by allowing them to reserve their dockets for other cases that may not be suitable for mediation.

Legal Mediation Requires Training

In order to facilitate the new work, several judicial personnel received a week's worth of extensive training from a legal centre based in Uttan.  Senior lawyers and judges were among the personnel trained.  In the near future, the district court will begin to transfer cases to those trained in mediation.  The program is currently in a testing phase and is slated for expansion if it proves successful.

Legal mediation can handle a wide variety of disputes including those commonly referred to as labor mediation.


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