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Apple Mediation Deadline is Fast Approaching

Thursday, February, 20, 2014


The deadline for mediation between Apple and Samsung is fast approaching, and it seems like the companies have been unable to come to an agreement thus far.  If no agreement is reached, both companies will be back in court next month.  The two companies are no stranger to legal battles with one another, but last month, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ordered that the two companies set up a time to meet in February in an effort to resolve their pending legal concerns in mediation.  Each side was asked to submit a proposal at that time, with a future court date set of March 31 if necessary. 


Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung’s Co-CEO J.K. Shin did speak earlier this month, but both companies declined to release any comments regarding that conversation and whether it yielded any progress.  Those involved in past mediation talks with both companies indicated that animosity on the parts of both parties has led to gridlock, making it difficult to reach any kind of solution.  Representatives of both companies, however, indicate that they want to reach a solution rather than later and would prefer not to go back into court. 


The legal concern at hand is patent infringement, with Apple first going after Samsung in 2011.  In a prior case, a federal jury ordered that Samsung be required to pay Apple over $900 million in an intellectual property suit.  Two more patents belonging to Apple are the subject of the current case, with the possibility of even more damages if Samsung loses out.