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Community and School Head to Mediation over Stadium Lights

Wednesday, November, 23, 2016

The latest development in the ongoing dispute between Point Loma High School and the community members in opposition of the school’s new lighting system including a change in legal representation for the opposition.  The school is preparing to move the installation of the lights forward.


The battle over the light installation has been ongoing within the district.  Point Loma High School, a 91 year old institution located in the San Diego Unified School District, also plans to install a new public address system, all as part of a long-range modernization of the school.  In late October, following a meeting with the advisory group and the Peninsula Community Planning Board, a motion to send a letter to the city challenging the district’s action to exempt the school from city zoning and land-use ordinances.


The attorney representing the stadium lights opponents was replaced by another attorney who specializes in environmental issues.  The goal is to settle the matter through mediation and keep the dispute out of the courtroom, which is expected to save a significant amount of time and money.


According to the new attorney, the dispute is moving along and his side is gathering the environmental and other documentation needed to create a convincing argument, whether it ends up in court or not.  He also stated both sides conferred recently, which was a requirement of the California Environmental Quality Act, and the two sides have both agreed to a mediation process.  A mediator or date for the mediation has yet to be chosen.