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Corpus Christi and Police Officers to Reach Settlement in Mediation

Friday, February, 14, 2020

Mediation was held in mid-December regarding the federal lawsuit filed on behalf of a Corpus Christi man shot by police.  Federal court documents show that an announcement of a resolution is expected soon and that all of the matters in question have been settled except for outstanding medical liens.


Richard Salazar was shot by Corpus Christi police in March 2019 at his home.   Salazar suffered wounds to his hand, his stomach, and near his armpit, and another bullet grazed his neck.  According to Salazar’s brother, the bullet that hit his stomach ruptured his colon before becoming lodged in his spine.


Salazar’s lawsuit was asking for $12.5 million in damaged based on his physical and emotional injures, as well as emotional and mental distress, pain and suffering, and shock.  The lawsuit named two officers and the city of Corpus Christi as defendants.


According to Salazar’s lawyer, Salazar was not breaking any laws, nor was he involved in criminal activity at the time of the shooting.  He also stated that the police faced no immediate threat; imply they should not have fired on his client.


Salazar was able to return to work by January, after undergoing surgery to repair a hernia after the shooting.  It is not known if the hernia is directly related to the incident.


The officers approached Salazar after a convenience store robbery in the area.  He matched the description of the perpetrator in question.  Though officers were not sure of Salazar’s involvement in the robbery, they stated that he was non-compliant and when they approached him and asked him to show his hands he appeared to be holding a weapon.  


Both officers were placed on administrative leave following the shooting but have since returned to duty.