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Divorce Mediation NJ Could Potentially Have Prevented Abduction

Friday, July, 22, 2011

In divorce mediation NJ news, the FBI has arrested a rabbi from New Jersey, along with his wife.  Both are charged with luring a man from Israel to their home for the purpose of forcing him to grant his wife a religious divorce decree.  David and Judy Wax, both in their forties, are charged with more than mere abduction; they are also accused of assaulting the man, beating him, confining him in a body bag, and threatening him with death if he did not meet their demands.


Divorce Mediation NJ Intended to Resolve Disputes Peacefully


This is exactly the type of situation that both family mediation and divorce mediation are intended to avoid.  Divorce mediation in New Jersey and other states provides a wife with an alternative dispute resolution that can help eliminate the temptation to violate laws in pursuit of a victory.

The divorce dispute involved in the case was being adjudicated in the Rabbinical Court of the State of Israel, where the husband had refused to grant his wife a "get," which is required by Orthodox Jewish law before she could be permitted to marry again.  Authorities are still investigating the nature of the connection between the wife in the case and the New Jersey rabbi who took the law into his own hands.