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Divorce Mediation NJ Offers Less Adversarial Solutions

Thursday, June, 23, 2011

Divorce mediation NJ has benefits besides the much-touted ones of lower cost and quicker resolution.  An equally important consideration for some couples is the benefit the process can have in terms of mental health.  Divorce is one of the most stress-inducing situations that adults face, rivaled only by the death of a loved one.  Both, of course, are situations that involve the loss of a person who has been an important facet in our lives. 

Very little can be done about death, but divorce mediation as well as family mediation can help couples to confront the loss of a marriage relationship and learn to move on into the next phase of their lives.  Because mediation is less adversarial in nature than a traditional court-based divorce, it induces less stress.  Being at odds with one's spouse is never pleasant, not even after the decision to dissolve the marriage has been irrevocably made. 

Reasonable Settlements from Divorce Mediation NJ

A mediated divorce allows a couple to avoid taking up positions as enemies on different sides of a courtroom.  Instead, the parties are brought together around a mediation table and with the help of a mediation attorney, they figure out ways to part amicably, making such decisions as how to split up marital property and arrange custody for any children of the union.   

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