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Dublin Teachers Set to Demonstrate Amid Mediation over Contract

Friday, April, 26, 2019

Dublin, California teachers have voted to strike if no resolution is reached while mediation efforts continue in an effort to resolve the contract dispute with the school district. According to union representatives, 98 percent of teachers voted in favor of a strike. Rallies continue as mediation efforts have thus far proven unsuccessful.


According to the union, teachers sent a “loud and clear” message that a strike will occur if things do not go in their favor. The second mediation session is expected to clear up where the parties stand at this point and allow them to determine if they are anywhere near a resolution. It was expected to be the final mediation attempt before giving up and moving onto another option.

The teachers’ union has been trying to negotiate a new contract for more than a year. They declared an impasse in January and began mediation. The declaration triggered automatic involved of a state mediator.


The first session of mediation lasted 12 hours but no agreement was reached. If the second session is just as unsuccessful, the two sides will move to a fact-finding process and a three-member panel will be appointed to review the details of the dispute. Should the fact-finding process also prove no further advancement, arbitration would begin and at that point the union would be free to strike.


The current vote to strike should mediation prove unsuccessful has not dampened the spirits of those involved in negotiations. They believe it is still possible to collaborate and find a solution that both sides feel comfortable with.