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Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to Help Steelers

Friday, May, 13, 2011

The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service has a long history of assisting with contract negotiations between National Football Team owners and the NFL Players Association.  The past March, Steelers President Art Rooney II attended talks at the Washington office of the service.  Now, those talks are set to resume on Monday.  Rooney and the owners of three other NFL teams will assemble in Minneapolis for labor talks before a mediation attorney.


Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service: Planned Talks


The other three owners expected to participate in Monday's labor talks are John Mara of the New York Giants, Jerry Richardson of the Carolina Panthers, and Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Rooney himself has been heavily involved in the current NFL labor dispute.  He has been in negotiations with players' representatives twice in recent weeks.


At issue has been the NFL's decision to lock out the players.  A federal judge ordered the lockout stopped on April 25, but four days afterwards, that determination was overturned.  It remains to be seen whether the lockout will be permanently upheld or if the players will prevail.  The NFL Players Association has filed suit against the league, alleging antitrust issues related to the lockout, which was a reaction to the expiration of a temporary extension to the league's collective bargaining agreement with the players.


The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service will attempt to assist the two sides in reaching an agreement on these issues.


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