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Group Hoping to Increase Number of Women Mediators

Friday, July, 20, 2018

Ongoing concern over how many women are represented in high-level mediation is being addressed in a new project coordinated by the GCSP, Durham University, and Mediators Beyond Borders International.  The groups hosted a workshop with the intention of helping women develop skills for mediation.


According to research, women in the field of mediation suffer from a “clear agreed selection criteria resulting in an opaque recruitment process that favors the usual suspects on the basis of diplomatic prestige, rather than mediation skills.”


More than two dozen female mediators participated in the program, as well as government representatives and legal experts.   The workshop used the pre-existing knowledge and experience of the participants and focused on the importance of diversifying mediation teams.  There was also a scientific expert on hand to discuss the value of having female participants in mediation.  According to the data, women are often excluded from the mediation process, even when it would make mediation more effective to include them.


Further research was shared by President and CEO of Mediators Beyond Borders, Prabha Sankaranaryan, regarding accreditation and experience for mediators from various disciplines, and as results, participants in the group created a set of draft qualification for mediators and discussed what obstructs the career progression of women mediators.


Following the workshop, participants attended a reception that included high-level diplomatic representatives, and were given an opportunity to share what was discussed during the workshop.  The goal of the after party was to encourage government representatives to join together in the efforts to encourage women to get involved and support their efforts.