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Kidnapped Texas Child To Be Reunited With Family After Mediation Sessions

Wednesday, January, 23, 2013


When 8-month-old Miguel Morin was kidnapped from his home by his former babysitter and her mother, he was then moved around in East and Central Texas for 8 years before being found.  Krystle Tanner, the child’s former babysitter, and her mother, Gloria Walker, were charged with kidnapping and injury to a child and have pleaded not guilty.

Miguel was discovered in the home of the former baby sitter’s sister and delivered to foster care until further arrangements could be made.  Now, State District Judge Mike Scheider has ordered that young Miguel be reunited with his family and former siblings following mediation sessions between all involved parties to ensure that the transition is a smooth one. 

Miguel’s four siblings live with Juanita and Joseph Aguillard, a couple that have been foster parenting them for reasons that have been undisclosed due to privacy issues.  According to Estella Olguin, a spokeswoman for Child Protective Services in Houston, the end-goal is for a joint custody arrangement between Auboni Champion-Morin and Fernando Morin, Miguel’s parents, and the Aguillards, "so that Miguel can still have a relationship with his parents and stay with his siblings."

According to CPS officials, the Morins will be allowed to visit with Miguel in the Aguillards’ home, provided that CPS approves the request after visiting the Morins’ home.  Mediation is planned before the court hearing that will take place in March in an attempt to tie up all loose ends. 

Miguel, who had never attended school during the entire period of his kidnapping, could not read or write, although he has been attending school since being in foster care and is excelling at the same rate as his peers.  "Considering his life has really changed as he knew it, he's doing really well," Olguin said.

Juanita Aguillard, the foster parent of Miguel’s siblings, has high hopes for Miguel’s progress.  "He bonded with his brothers and sisters from day one," she said.  "He loves the family."