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Kim Kardashian Seeks Divorce Mediation

Monday, February, 20, 2012

In a perhaps ironic decision, Kim Kardashian and her legal team are seeking private divorce mediation rather than a full-blown trial divorce from Kris Humphries. However, despite the disparity between this and allowing cameras into the rest of her life, this is perhaps the best decision that could be made this side of a Las Vegas divorce.


Civil Mediation for Divorces Are Faster Than Litigation


It may still be fashionable among celebrities to have short-lived marriages, but the climate has changed for divorces. This is especially true as the laws governing division of assets and child custody/visitation have become more complex. In many celebrity marriages, trial divorces can last longer than the marriages themselves. In all likelihood, this would be the case for this divorce.


Mediation is becoming more of a standard procedure in divorces for celebrity and non-celebrity alike. Many judges will impose mediation instead of a trial in these cases due to an extensive backlog of cases in the legal system. An additional benefit, that probably matters very little to Ms. Kardashian, is that because of this, mediations are less expensive than trial divorces.


Mediation Services Ensure Privacy


It may perhaps seem strange that Ms. Kardashian would want to settle her divorce privately, given her reality TV celebrity status. However, just because she allows certain elements of her daily life to be caught on camera, this does not mean that she wants everything to be filmed. Especially if it's “The Enquirer” and not “E!”


Given the paparazzi and tabloid attention this divorce is already getting, it is completely understandable that Ms. Kardashian is seeking divorce mediation.