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Mediation Agreement is Reached Between Houston Motorists

Tuesday, September, 3, 2013

Mediation Agreement is Reached Between Houston Motorists


A case that has been ongoing in Houston since a two-car accident in 2012 in League City, Texas, has found settlement through mediation.  Motorist Salma A. Farooqui originally filed the lawsuit against defendant Erasmo Lopez in August, claiming severe whiplash and debilitating injuries. 


According to Farooqui, Lopez was using his cell phone while driving when his vehicle slammed into the back of hers while stopped at a stoplight.  According to the plaintiff, the collision caused extensive injuries to her neck, arms, back and shoulders, as well as other parts of her body, causing the need for extensive rehabilitation. 


Another issue that further complicated the lawsuit and allegations against Lopez was that he was driving without a valid driver’s license.  This, coupled with the fact that judges and jurisdictions are increasingly cracking down on distracted motorists who are on their cell phones, gave Lopez little argument in defense, despite the fact that he refuted the allegations against him.   


In the original lawsuit, the plaintiff sought $99,999 in damages.  Due to the confidential nature of mediation, it is unknown how much she settled for in the mediation proceedings. 


The notice of non-suit and mediation agreement was issued by attorney Will Cannon of Cannon Mediation Group, L.P. in Houston.  Galveston County 405th District Court Judge Michelle Slaughter received the notice and dismissed the court case.