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Mediation Certification Integrates Several Disciplines of Study

Monday, July, 18, 2011

Mediation certification has different requirements according to state.  In this, a career in mediation is much like one in many other fields, such as education, which have requirements that vary by state. 

Although state requirements vary, a career in mediation generally requires participants to possess expertise in a number of diverse fields including business law, negotiation tactics, and facilitation.  Accordingly, mediation certification programs require students to complete courses related to all of these fields.

A Typical Program for Mediation Certification

Most mediation attorneys who pursue official certification must devote one to two semesters of study.  Those who have ample previous coursework in areas such as business law may be able to complete a mediation certification program in a lesser amount of time.  Experience and background in contract law is also very helpful as contract mediation is a common way in which alternative dispute resolution is used the business world. 

Once in possession of a certificate, mediation attorneys can find work in a wide variety of organizations including private corporations, non-profit charities, and agencies of federal and state government.  The last two provide many career prospects for mediation attorneys since government mediation and public policy mediation have been on the rise in recent years.  Career tracks include working as human resource managers and employer relations representatives.