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Mediation Continues Among SAS Pilots on Strike

Friday, May, 24, 2019

Days of mediation have failed to produce a resolution for the Scandinavian airline SAS and the union representing the pilots. The pilots have been on strike, which has led to the grounding of nearly 400,000 passengers due to the cancelation of approximately 700 flights per day.


According to union president YngveCarlsen, “The will is there to solve the situation. I am more optimistic now than I was yesterday.”


The issues involved are some of the most common among unions and their employers. Pilots want higher wages and a variety of other demands. According to the aviation industry’s employer body in Sweden, the pilots want a 13 percent wage hike. The group reports its pilots’ wages are already relatively high at nearly $10,000 per month.


Those familiar with the situation estimate the strike is costing SAS nearly $10.5 million per day and could wipe out the airline’s annual profits. Shares of SAS were up 8 percent on the seventh day of the strike.


There has been no further information released concerning the demands of the pilots aside from the wage increase. As mediation continues, both sides will be encouraged to discuss potential solutions and to come to a compromise that benefits all involved. The mediator overseeing the talks cannot levy a decision on either side, but can provide support while discussions continue and ensure that talks remain focused on the issues at hand.


If no resolution is reached, the strike will continue, and the court system might need to become involved.