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Mediation Fails for Samsung and Apple in Patent Dispute

Tuesday, February, 25, 2014


After two years, two trials, nearly $1 billion in judgments, and one day-long mediation meeting, Samsung and Apple have failed to come to a mediated solution to their patent dispute.  While both sides released statements stating they were still willing to engage in the mediation process in the hopes of finding common ground that would avoid another lengthy court battle, the failure of the session indicates that a trial is almost inevitable.


The dispute began nearly two years ago when Apple accused Samsung of copying its iPhone design and technologies.  Samsung has vigorously defended itself against these accusations, but has lost two trials that have seen nearly $1 billion in damages awarded to Apple.  Samsung has retaliated by filing lawsuits in different jurisdictions around the world, claiming that Apple has used Samsung technology without permission.


Every time Samsung releases a new generation of phone, Apple files another lawsuit.  The latest suit covers the newest versions of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy phone products.  Apple’s CEO Timothy Cook met with Samsung’s chief officers in a day-long meeting in February.  In official court filings, both sides saw no progress.  If mediation fails altogether, the trial will commence in early March.