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Mediation over Noisy Tenant Dispute Continues; Landlord Not Participating

Thursday, December, 27, 2018

The landlord affiliated with the complex where a Maynooth man threatened his noisy neighbors has declined to take part in the mediation process to resolve the matter. The mediation is part of a restorative justice procedure was set into motion in early October.


According to reports from the case, Justin O’Keefe of Maynooth agreed to participate in the mediation after being prosecuted for his threats against neighbors in the house next door to his. He threatened them due to noise levels, according to O’Keefe. The so-called noisemakers are also supposed to participate in the mediation.


O’Keefe requested the noise be reduced in October from the people in the rented house next to his. After his requests were ignored, he threatened damage, but never followed through. He was charged with threatening to damage and trespassing. He pleaded guilty to the charges right from the beginning and admitted to confronting the student neighbors and threatening to break their sound system.


This was O’Keefe’s first conviction.


O’Keefe has requested that noise disturbance charges be brought against his neighbors, something that has yet to happen yet. He told the court there had been a history of noise complaints about his neighbors and that he had contacted law enforcement regarding the issue in the past. He has also reached out to the landlord of the rental property.


O’Keefe’s lawyer was told he could bring charges against the neighbors, but it would likely be a very expensive process and that nobody could force the neighbors to turn down their music.


The judge overseeing the case believes the landlord should participate in the mediation because he “has some responsibility.”