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Mediation Process for Wal-Mart Pothole Injury In Progress

Wednesday, May, 2, 2012

Mediation is set for both parties in a personal injury case involving Wal-Mart. The two sides agreed to go into this resolution process on April 27th. Madison County Circuit Judge William Mudge has said and ordered that if the case is not resolved by mediation, the plaintiffs will go ahead and present their motion for hearing.

The Complaint that Led to Civil Mediation


The case has been interesting from the beginning. A Madison County woman filed suit against three individuals as defendants, claiming that she fell into a hole in a Wal Mart parking lot. Filing against Vicki Rehlen, Janelle McCoy and Arno Sponeman, Judy and Thomas J. Davis claim that as she attempted to load bags into her car at the Glen Carbon Wal-Mart, she stepped into a hole.


The claim is that she suffered permanent injuries to her lower extremities as a result of the July 15 accident. She is also claiming that she has suffered impaired earning capacity, disability and also has accrued a number of medical costs that she would like to see the mediation resolve. Her husband states that he has now lost services and support of his wife. The complaint names the three defendants claiming that they held the responsibility in inspecting, maintaining and either reporting or repairing the dangerous conditions that allegedly lead to her injuries.

What the Davises Seek in Mediation Services


The Davises are seeking a total judgment of over $50,000 in the case, citing that the defendants failed in keeping the parking lot safe. Failure to inspect the parking lot, train employees properly and not repairing or blocking off the hole are cited as reasons that they are being held accountable in the complaint.