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Mediation Resolves Fencing Issues between Neighbors

Thursday, September, 13, 2018

Neighbors involved in disputes over fencing between their homes have often used mediation successfully to resolve the conflict and come to a mutually beneficial resolution over their property issues. 


This was the case in an Oregon neighborhood where one neighbor complained of a tree crossing property lines and depositing debris in his yard and another that said the fencing “solution” for the tree issue was not acceptable.


According to the neighbor with the tree, the matter had been discussed between the two “in a civil manner.  I will admit I became angry when I saw him on a ladder trimming one of my vine maples and dropping the debris over the fence into my yard, plus gathering cones from my Austrian Pine and throwing them over the fence."


Despite city rules allowing people to cut branches over their property, even if the tree does not originate on their property, there are numerous times this type of situation has led to dispute.  Many believe mediation is the best path to a resolution.


Tsipora Dimant has worked for nearly three decades in mediation helping neighbors resolve conflicts similar to the one described above.  The service is free and confidential and comes from the Beaverton city’s mayor’s office.


Mediators are able to hear both sides of the conflict and facilitate discussion between neighbors that can help them resolve the issue without any further legal action.  According to Dimant, "When people sit together to discuss problems in mediation, there is a chance that they will form unexpected alliances.  The mediation process helps people approach issues from the same side of the fence."