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Mediation Up Next for Grandview Five

Friday, February, 14, 2020

After receiving national attention, the case of the Grandview Five is headed to mediation.  Those familiar with the case believe that the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission must have found probable cause that there was discrimination.


The case arose from an April 2018 incident at Grandview Golf Course.  According to court documents, former York County Commissioner Steve Chronister called the police twice on five African American Women who were at the course.  The women had been accused of slow pace of play.


The women are happy the case is finally moving forward.  According to Sandra Thompson, one of the women in the group that calls themselves the Sisters in the Fairway, "It is long overdue for progress that should have been had back in 2018.  But I don't know what it means until they actually do something. "


The video footage that showed the incident went viral shortly after it happened.  


Hearings were held to address the matter, none of which Chronister attended.  Chronister’s son co-owns the course and Chronister himself holds an advisory role at the course.  Chronister has rejected the account of the incident and claimed it was not racist.  He points out that had he been racist, the issue would have arisen when the women bought their memberships, not during play.


It is not believed that the mediation will result in any serious charges being filed, but it could result in civil penalties if it is determined that what Chronister or anyone else said or did was discriminatory.


Chronister had previously offers to settle with the women by offering those free memberships and lessons, an offer that three of the women said were “insulting.”