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Milwaukee Mediation Center Assists Couples with Divorce

Wednesday, September, 23, 2015

The Milwaukee Mediation Center assists couples with their divorce, making the process easier on families and reducing the overall negative effect the process has a on a person’s life. The goal was to make the separation process more amicable and reduce the combativeness that is a part of so many divorces.


The goal of the center is not to force people into mediation, but to offer it as an alternative to litigation and other divorce methods. According to one of the centers co-founders, the center does not tout mediation as the end-all, be-all solution for couples in the midst of divorce, but provides them with the ability to make informed decisions. Mediation is not right for every single divorce, but it can be very beneficial to many couples.


Most divorces involve couples who do not know what to do or where to turn for help. They might even try to outline their own divorce terms, which can end up being an expensive mistake. This is especially true if divorce involves a family owned business. Business can also be affected by the emotional toll divorce takes on a family.


The Milwaukee Mediation Center offers support and can even refer couples to experts in a particular industry to help with important decisions. When mediation is an option for couples, the center ensures there are no stumbling blocks along the way. For instance, if a couple is in a place where mediation is possible, but owning a family business or having complicated real estate issues causes a snag, the center can help them through that and prevent litigation.