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Montreal Airplane Refuelers Headed to Mediation

Tuesday, January, 28, 2020

Mediation began recently between the union representing employees who refuel airplanes and mediators. The strike by these employees has been ongoing.  Swissport Canada was scheduled to meet with mediators at a later date after the conclusion of the meeting with union reps.


Swissport officials indicated that a face-to-face meeting between the two sides was unlikely, at least in the near future.  Swissport also indicated that despite several flight delays at Trudeau airport, there are no issues or delays related to the strike and operations are continuing on as normal.


At the moment, local managers who work for Swissport are filling the positions of the striking workers.


There are approximately 100 employees of Swissport Canada on strike at the moment.  Swissport is the only supplier of fuel for airlines that operate out of Montreal’s two main airports – Trudeau and Mirabel.


The workers walked off their job after a vote to reject the tentative contract deal proposed by Swissport.

In debate are the salaries and work-life balance of the company and its Montreal-area employees.  They have been working without a contract since August of this year.  The union also expressed concern over employee turnover and stated that the low wages and lack of training is costing the company money and productivity.


According to union spokesperson Frank Saptel, "Right now we do not want a war on the radio waves, as it were.  We just want to let people know what the issues are. ”


Federal Labour Minister Filomena Tassi stated that the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service have been working with Swissport and its employees since October trying to negotiate an updated contract.