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North Carolina Residents Affected by Hurricane Matthew Will Have Access to Insurance Mediation Program

Sunday, November, 6, 2016

Residents of Raleigh and other areas throughout North Carolina affected by recent Hurricane Matthew will have access to an insurance mediation program. The announcement comes from Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, when he ordered activation of the Department of Insurance’s Disaster Mediation Program. The goal of the program is to help homeowners resolve disputes with insurance companies related to residential property damage resulting from Hurricane Matthew.


According to Goodwin, “I want those North Carolina consumers that have been impacted by this storm to know the Disaster Mediation Program is an option to you as we navigate the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew. This is a specific tool but I urge anyone with any insurance questions to call and talk to one of our consumer service specialists at the North Carolina Department of Insurance.”


In order to utilize the mediation program, homeowners must request participation within 60 days of having an eligible claim denied in part or in whole. The program only applies to homeowners living in counties that are covered by the president’s disaster declaration. (Shortly before and during the hurricane, President Obama and state governors declared emergencies in several southern states affected by the storm in anticipation of problems.)


Homeowners must also show their claims meet the following to be eligible for the mediation program:


  • Insurance company has denied all or part of a claim
  • Dispute is over the amount of the loss or the insurance company’s findings concerning the amount of the loss
  • Total amount of claim must equal more than the homeowner’s deductible
  • Amount of dispute must be at least $1500 with a few exceptions


Not all claims are eligible. For instance, those filed under commercial insurance policies, National Flood Insurance Program policies, motor vehicle insurance policies, or liability coverage contained in property insurance policies are not eligible for mediation.