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Retreats = Vacations with a Purpose

Tuesday, April, 1, 2014

Spring and Summer Retreats

Designed with You in Mind


Couples Retreats

Susan Lager, a fabulous couples therapist, and I are offering retreats in May and June that will help you to rediscover the good in your relationship and your partner and create the relationship you want.  Join us May 16-18 at the beautiful Victoria Inn in Hampton, NH, or June 21-25 at relaxing and wonderful Star Island.  You are guaranteed to leave with greater insight into yourself and your partner.  Register for the May retreat by emailing me.  Register for the June retreat here:

Meredith Richardson
Mediator, Conflict Coach, Motivational Speaker, Retreat Coordinator

A Journey Toward A More Authentic You

How do you feel about your life right now?  Are there changes that you would like to make, but you're not sure how to make them?  Spend 5 days at Star Island, June 14-18, to relax, recenter, and reconnect to yourself and all you have to offer.  You'll receive fabulous workshops from Amy Kosh, Life Coach, Dr. Kimberly Higney, Chiropractor, Heather Brountas, Financial Planner, and Meredith Richardson, along with yoga from Maggie Schneider, and all that Star Island has to offer.  Register at

Midlife Retreat

Midlife is a time to plot our course and adjust our sails.  Come, take the time August 23-27 at Star Island, to explore yourself -- where you are, where you want to be, and how to adjust your sails.  

Transformative Mediation Training

Mediation is a way to assist people in having a difficult conversation.  It is helpful wherever there is conflict -- in the workplace, at home, with family, and with friends, in organizations large and small.  Set free your inner mediator. September 7-11 at Star Island.


How to Befriend Your Body and Live at Your Optimum Weight

Are you satisfied with your weight?  If you are tired of diets that fail, if you are looking for a way for brain and body to live in harmony together, and for you to live at your optimum weight as a result, then this is the retreat for you.  Come spend a week at Star Island, June 8-14.  You will learn tools and patterns designed to help you to live at your optimum weight.  You'll receive powerful presentations from Amy Kosh, Life Coach, Dr. Kimberly Higney, Chiropractor, Barbara Briguglio, Health Coach, and Meredith Richardson, as well as hypnotherapy from Linda Tremblay, Therapist, and yoga instruction from Maggie Schneider and more!  Register today at  You'll be glad you did.
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