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Road 5 Mediation Moves Dispute Forward Despite No Resolution

Monday, September, 3, 2018

The ongoing dispute concerning Road 5 finally ended up in mediation in mid-July.  Unfortunately, despite mediation moving parties forward closer to a solution, it failed to resolve the matter entirely. 


The dispute began in 2012 when Putnam County Commissioners utilized eminent domain and seized the property of a number of residents living along Road 5.  The goal was to widen the road by about 10 feet to make it safer for travelers. 


More than a dozen property owners refused to accept the offers provided through eminent domain and went so far as to say the commissioners were violating Ohio’s Sunshine Act.


According to the attorney representing the residents, “Nothing was solved during the two day mediation. ” Linda Webb expressed her disappointment in the process stating, “We wanted to do a global settlement, so that all cases would be settled and we would be done.  It just did not work. ”


A global settlement would have resolved a number of issues, including the federal cases.


According to Commissioner Vincent Schroeder, the government representatives “… put forth every effort we could be could not reach a resolution. ”


As a result, a summary judgment motion was filed and the groups are awaiting a ruling.  Should the motion be rejected, the case will proceed to trial.


According to attorney Webb, “You deserve your own jury if you have property.  Everybody’s property is different.  I have never heard of such before because they are not common owners.  It would not be fair with any of the landowners. ” Her motion to un-consolidate the trial was denied by the judge