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Tennessee Non-Profit Leaders Get Educated about Gang Mediation

Monday, May, 16, 2016


Knoxville, Tennessee leaders are in the process of learning about gang mediation, another step in their efforts to stop gang violence in the community. The latest push came after the gang-related deaths of Zaevion Dobson and his adolescent cousin in December.


Leaders of area non-profits decided to work together to find a way to end the violence and stop the senseless murders of Knoxville youth. The YWCA and other non-profit partners attended a training in Chicago concerning community violence prevention and using gang mediation to help members of the community better relate to one another.


The director of the area YWCA acknowledges the kids the organization works with were upset by the shootings and she hopes the traumatizing nature of the event will open their minds to alternative ways of settling disputes. The YWCA received a grand for members of the organization to get individual training from the Alliance for Local Service Organizations in Chicago – money that allowed them to attend the training.


According to those who attended the training, they learned about the ties between gang and domestic violence. One attendee reported the training taught her the importance of using ex-gang members to work with area youth and intervene before bad decisions are made.


Training attendees also learned that many kids feel they have no other option but to join a gang because their fathers or brothers are members. The goal of the training is to incorporate the training into programs in the Knoxville area and help keep kids save, preventing some of the issues that could happen in the future.