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UK Community Seeks Volunteers to Fill Mediation Jobs

Tuesday, November, 8, 2011

Volunteers for mediation jobs are being sought by Winchester Mediation Service, which operates in the Hampshire region of Great Britain.  The service currently needs volunteers who are willing to undergo training so that they can provide informal mediation services to people in the community.  A majority of disputes resolved by this community mediation service involve neighbors who are having trouble getting along.


Common topics for disputes between neighbors include parking disagreements; issues related to noise and outdoor activities; the behavior of children or pets; harassment, intimidation, and threats; and arguments over the boundary lines that legally separate property.


Mediation Jobs to be Volunteer Only

Since Winchester Mediation Service operates as a charity, it is unable to hire people to perform mediation work.  Most of the cases the service handles are referred to it by local housing organizations or by the city council itself.  The service also works with private parties who contact them once it becomes clear to them that they need help in order to resolve their differences. 


Ian Gilchrist, who serves as the administrator of the service, reports that there are seven volunteers at present but that "we are looking to take on more people willing to undergo around 20 hours of training which includes classroom instruction and role playing."


Although there is no payment for work done, travel expenses can be reimbursed.


Volunteers usually do not handle issues such as personal injury mediation.