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What is Mediation? How can it work for me and my family?

Wednesday, April, 25, 2012

Mediation is conducted by a trained and experienced divorce mediation attorney with a mental health professional, co-mediator.  Mediation is neutral.  It allows each party to express their concerns, interests, and goals, and the facts that they believe will shape what can be their arrangements to resolve their disagreements.  The divorcing couple retains their decision-making power while they are guided to create and review options, and make their set of agreements. Studies and court records show that when former couples establish their own parenting plans, and make their own agreements for their financial futures, those plans and agreements are longstanding.  Proven is that self-made agreements are far better in meeting the entire family’s needs, plus encouraging long-term cooperation by both parents.


Mediation is a private and confidential process.  Court is public.  Clients in mediation control what their results are.  Clients in litigation do not.  Mediation makes for mutually satisfying outcomes.  Court decisions make for wins and losses.  Divorce Mediation assists both a Husband and a Wife to recognize what are their and their family’s needs.  Then, mediators help them identify and explore real options for meeting those needs.  Mediators encourage self-created results; ones the couple agrees will provide tor those needs.   Privately and mutually selected results foster agreements that work, and from which clients go forward with dignity and self-respect. 

Divorce Mediation focuses on present and future circumstances, and, unlike court, not conflicts of the past.  Divorcing partners are guided to arrange for their respective futures, unmarried independence rooted in what is real.  Further unlike court, mediation reduces uncertainty, minimizes confusion for children, and keeps them out of the middle. Only Mediation allows for control over the pace of decision making, decisions themselves, as well as legal and other costs of divorce. 

About the Author 

Attorney Robert Glasser has over four decades of experience in service as a family law lawyer.  His law practice is now limited to consensual outcomes in Mediation or Collaborative Process; or to Litigated Decision, if necessary.  Mediation is offered as a team from Glasser Mediation Services, aNewport   Beach,California, firm that includes his wife and co-mediator, Jann Glasser, MFC.  Robert graduated from the UCLA School of Law with honors, is a member of the UCLA Alumni Scholarship andJohn R. Wooden Fund Committees, and an active member of the Orange County Bruin Boosters.  He, and his wife of 40 years, Jann, are members of Congregation Shir Ha-a-Ma ‘alot in Irvine,California.