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Workplace Mediation for Teachers, District in Geneva, IL

Friday, September, 7, 2012

It looks like there will be talks between the Genva, IL school district and its teachers' union. Both parties requested workplace mediation assistance from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) on Friday, August 31. It's not just contracts that are in dispute, either.


Read on to find out what's at stake.

What's At Stake: Why Mediation Services?


The school district and the teachers union (the Geneva Education Association) signed the request for the FMCS's assistance. But what's at stake?


Teacher pay and benefits are on the table, as you might expect. But, unlike the many district-vs-union disputes currently going on around the country, talks in Geneva include special needs as well.

The Civil Mediation Over Special Education in Geneva, IL


The clause in the contract concerns teachers' time to prepare for special education needs, as well as what are known as "involuntary transfers". Teachers and assistance who work with special needs children require extra planning time both before as well as during the school year.


The teachers also claim that they are paid significantly less than teachers in nearby school district. Currently, the district and its teachers are abiding by the contract that expired August 15 of this year. Teacher pay and special needs students are currently considered "issues in dispute".

How Does Geneva Stack Up?


Geneva pays its beginning teachers more than neighboring Kaneland, but less than Batavia and even less than St. Charles.


And while Kaneland may pay less to new teachers, it also offers "longevity stipends" to teachers who have hit the maximum pay rate. These stipends can reach as much as $5,500 every year!


There is no word yet on when workplace mediation will occur between the teacher union and the district. An agreement is expected to be reached within reasonable time once the mediation begins.


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