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Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Commercial, Contract, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Employment, Personal Injury, Real Estate

Ms. Derrick is an accomplished attorney and certified mediator who received her B.A. from Rice University and J.D. from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law. Her advanced mediation certification under the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code enables her to mediate a wide array of disputes involving complex employment, business, contract, commercial, divorce, family, child custody, co-parenting, personal injury, and real estate issues.

Her years of practice at a large law firm, time as a former Supreme Court of Texas briefing attorney, and passion for helping clients resolve problems efficiently and effectively, led her to conclude that, for clients who wish to limit costs and control the outcome of their case, mediation is a far better option.  

As a mediator, Ms. Derrick focuses on resolution.  She helps the parties identify “Smart Legal [and Practical] Solutions” TM designed to move them to common ground and works hard to help them compromise, settle, and actually resolve the complex disputes between them.   
In her legal practice, Ms. Derrick helps clients tackle complex legal, employment, business, and contractual issues and protect their interests and what matters most to them.  She gives clients the legal foresight, support, advice, training, representation, and peace of mind they need at the exceptional value they deserve.  

For more information or to schedule a half or full-day mediation, email Ms. Derrick at [email protected], call 214.330.2881 or 713.828.1287, or visit the Derrick Law website at

Mediation is a Great Alternative to Litigation and Arbitration.
Ms. Derrick's years of practice at a large law firm, time as a former Supreme Court of Texas briefing attorney, and passion for helping clients resolve problems efficiently and effectively, led her to conclude that, for clients who wish to limit costs and control the outcome of their case, mediation is a far better option.  The reason is simple.

No matter how great a case is, there are no guarantees that a party will win all or most of a desired result in litigation.  In contrast, mediation gives the parties the ability to control the outcome of their case and negotiate for what matters most to them.

Ms. Derrick is serious about helping parties identify workable solutions to reach settlement.  This puts the control back into the hands of the parties to decide their own fate.  It also enables the parties to limit their attorney's fees and avoid the uncertain outcome, stress, and expense of trial. 

Ms. Derrick's keen understanding of how to successfully resolve cases at mediation is evident in Derrick Law's high level approach to mediation. 

Our Approach
Attention: Derrick Law mediators give each dispute and party the attention they deserve to help them reach the settlement they need.  Experience shows that such focused and intentional attention and active listening is the effective way to identify the most feasible solution that parties need to resolve their disputes.

Preparation: Derrick Law mediators thoroughly prepare, analyze the dispute, and identify possible solutions to impasses, which increases the likelihood of dispute resolution and settlement at mediation.

Strategy: During the mediation, we focus on practical solutions, party needs, and the bottom line in order to foster good faith compromise and move the parties closer to settlement.

Resolution: When an agreement is reached, Derrick Law mediators memorialize it in a confidential mediation settlement agreement.  Thus, parties leave the mediation knowing their dispute has been resolved.

We limit the number of mediations we take on each month.  As a result, our mediation schedule fills up quickly so schedule your half or full-day mediation today by email ([email protected]), phone (214.330.2881 or 713.828.1287), or visit the Derrick Law website at



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Derrick Law offers mediation services at multiple locations convenient to you. 

In Houston, parties may choose between our North Houston and Houston Galleria mediation locations. 

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