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Allen M. Gruber, Esq., a 1966 honors graduate of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and a 1969 graduate of UCLA’s School of Law, is a Martindale Hubbel AV rated attorney, who has been practicing law for more than 40 years, having practiced in San Diego since September 1971 following a year and half as a Los Angeles lawyer.


For approximately the past 25 years, Mr. Gruber has served as an arbitrator on the American Arbitration Association’s National Panel of Commercial Arbitrators, on the panel of approved commercial arbitrators for San Diego Superior Court, and on the panel of approved fee arbitrators for the San Diego County Bar Association, deciding fee disputes between attorneys and their clients.


Mr. Gruber became an active mediator in 2008, and has mediated approximately 40 disputes during that time frame.  As both an advocate and mediator, Mr. Gruber has been involved in well over 100 mediations. 


Mr. Gruber has extensive litigation experience in corporate, commercial, real estate, bankruptcy, and consumer disputes, and is currently a member of the real estate, civil litigation, and alternative dispute sections of the San Diego County Bar Association.  For the past 4 years, Mr. Gruber has been on the San Diego Superior Court’s approved panel of civil litigation mediators.


Mr. Gruber is a member of the California Association of Realtors’ (“C.A.R.”) Legal Affairs Forum and is an approved member of C.A.R.’s consumer mediation panel.  Mr. Gruber is also one of the approved commercial and real estate panel members in Subject Matter Mediation Services, Inc. (“SMMS”).


In 2012, Mr. Gruber was appointed Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Real Estate Mediation Center (“REMC”), which is an arm of the San Diego Association of Realtors’ (“SDAR”) Risk Management Committee.  Mr. Gruber became the Executive Committee’s chair in 2013 and retains that post for 2014 as well.  Mr. Gruber has been an approved REMC panel mediator for the past 6 years.  Recently, Mr. Gruber was also nominated for and approved as a member of the SDAR’s Grievance Committee. 



Mr. Gruber was initially trained in 2002 when he participated in a 32 hour mediation program sponsored and taught by what is now the National Conflicts Resolution Center.  In 2005, Mr. Gruber spent an additional 16 hours training with the National Academy of Conciliators. Then, in 2009, Mr. Gruber participated in the Strauss Institute’s 18 hours STAR program (Systematic Approach to Mediation Strategies), offered through Pepperdine School of Law’s Malibu Campus.  In each of the years following, Mr. Gruber has taken continuing education classes in this field so that he remains fully knowledgeable as to problems and issues that continue to arise in the course of the mediation process.


In addition to his 40+ years as a civil litigator, Mr. Gruber has been an adjunct clinical supervising attorney at the University of San Diego School of Law, and is currently in-house counsel for Keller-Williams San Diego Central Coastal.

In 2002, Mr. Gruber was the speaker at a Lorman MCLE sponsored program on “Real Estate Litigation in California: Foreclosure and Trust Deed Practices, and in 1993, Mr. Gruber was the featured speaker at a California Trustee’s Association dinner.  Mr. Gruber is the author of several articles, including The Extended Hand of Bily v. Arthur Young & Co.,” SDCCAR COMMERCIAL REPORTER (November 1996); “Don’t Forget To Get It In Writing,” COMMERCIAL REPORTER, Vol. 2, No. 2 and the San Diego County Commercial Association of Realtors, February 1995; “Brokers Not Allowed To Stipulate To Reverse Judgments,” THE LAWYER’S MAGAZINE, Vol. 61, No. 10, San Diego County Bar Association, October 1994; “California’s Lis Pendens Statute, Part 1, THE ADVISOR (Spring 1993); and “California’s Lis Pendens Statute, Part 2, THE ADVISOR (Fall 1993).


Mr. Gruber was lead trial and appellate counsel in a protracted battle on behalf of a doctor who was discharged from his duties at the Balboa Naval Hospital.  See Mir v. Fosburg, 646 F.2d 342 (Ninth Cir. 1980); Mir v. Fosburg, 706 F.2d 916 (Ninth Cir. 1983); and Mir v. Fosburg, 767 F.2d 933 (Ninth Cir. 1985).  Dr. Mir’s Petition for Certiorari before the United States Supreme Court was denied without a hearing. 


Mr. Gruber was also co-counsel with attorney Toni-Diane Donnet in Reveles v. Toyota by the Bay (1997) 57 Cal.App.4th 1139, the then precedent setting decision involving extended automobile warranties (Reveles was subsequently overruled in Gavaldon v. Daimler-Chrysler Corp. (2004) 32 Cal.4th 1246). 



Mr. Gruber firmly believes the mediation process belongs to the parties and will utilize those skills necessary to help the parties come to a resolution fashioned by them with the assistance of their respective counsel.  While the evaluative approach is the method with which most participants are most comfortable, other approaches, most notably the facilitative model, is employed where appropriate. 


Mr. Gruber believes that listening carefully to the parties and their counsel, understanding their legal positions as well as their underlying interests, and allowing the parties and their counsel the freedom to create their own solutions, is crucial to a successful mediation.  Crucial to the process is the realization that not every mediation results in a settlement at the first or the only session.  Rather, it is often just as important to follow up with phone calls and emails to facilitate discussions between the parties and their counsel so that resolution can be effected even after the participants no longer occupy the mediation’s chosen venue.  These phone calls and emails are engaged in voluntarily, for which no further charges are incurred.  


Mr. Gruber firmly believes in the mediation process, knowing from years of professional experience that it is far superior to what can be accomplished in litigation.  The parties save considerable time, enormous amounts of money, avoid the terrible and unavoidable stress of fighting each other in court, with outcomes often in doubt, and have the distinct satisfaction of shaping their own future.   

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