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He has developed and worked in family business conflict resolution and strategic planning his entire career. His is the prime mover is the industry leading money back guarantee. His family experience  has included a vast array small businesses in many diverse fields. Some additional practice areas are  service and professional industries, training, construction, real estate, finance,  medical, legal, Human Resources, insurance,marketing, manufacturing and non profits.

His training and skills focus  difficult problem solving through creative determination, human interaction and collaborative input. He attended Fordham University and Harvard Law School’s mediation program. His focus is on the underlying issues of what makes conflict happen and how it affects the ongoing business and the people who live it each and every day.

He is able to clearly define and structure  the  cohesive plans for   the generations to  to prepare for  the inevitable  changes and transitions that every  every family business confronts. Mark’s theoretical and practical hard work on the Best Ideas Win program has been a key aspect of its successful integration in businesses and families all across the country.


As mediator, negotiator, arbitrator, and private judge Mr. Fallon’s methods focus on multi disciplinary approaches to alternative dispute resolution which directly promote both balanced settlement results and consistent client satisfaction. In order to negotiate fair and lasting decisions and settlements, Frank combines case specifics and situational realities with detailed neutral analysis of interactive business theories, legal studies and best practices.

Utilizing creative multi party and individual techniques, he resolves difficult professional and personal conflicts involving both small and large companies, nonprofit organizations, individuals, family businesses and government agencies. Frank personally developed the innovative, interactive award winning ‘best ideas win’ settlement, mediation, and negotiation programs to resolve the most demanding disputes. He also has the exceptional results to re-mediate and settle most cases that have reached an impasse with other processes.

Mr. Fallon has served as a mediator, negotiator, and arbitrator in complex legal transactions in areas such as contracts, employment, family businesses, family and divorce, health care, insurance, personal injury, general liability, construction and architecture, partnerships and business dissolution, estates and asset division, commerce, asset management and acquisition, real estate, development, land use, finance, securities, technology, the IRS and taxes.

As a result of the exceptional success of this plaintiff/defense neutrals’ program designed for working with difficult cases and sensitive clients, he has repeatedly won the national ADR competition to settle various internal government disputes, including the EEOC, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in addition to his previous awards for settlement of government, public and corporate disputes. His settlement and client satisfaction rate is unsurpassed.

For example, he is the only mediator to ever settle 100% of the EEOC Resolve disputes is a single year. He received an outstanding rating from 100% of his defense, plaintiff, government counsel and their corporate, family and individual clients.

As principal mediator and arbitrator, and strategic planner, Mr. Fallon’s expertise and passion includes business development, entrepreneurship, startups, and technology. Frank’s expertise also includes construction and architectural disputes from having worked directly with architects and owned a construction company. Labor, management, union issues, age, race, sex, gender, harassment, and disability discrimination termination, disparate impact, undue hardship, civil rights, class actions, and related professional and personal controversies are additional areas where he has received special recognition from the government. He develops thorough, long lasting plans and has one of the highest settlement and satisfaction rates for the U. S. government and serves on various panels.

Mediator Frank Fallon has personally mediated and provided strategic planning services for many of the large and small companies, family businesses, defense, and plaintiff references on our satisfied client list.

Mr. Fallon travels throughout the United States. His strategic plans and ADR processes can be implemented and performed at various locations, in our offices and on site at your business with no travel time charges. For any more more information, scroll to the bottom of this page, email [email protected] or just call 1.800.529.1516.

This is a list of some of our representative clients. We work with both small and larger companies, non profits, family businesses, families, and individuals. Due to the confidential nature of some of our families, family businesses, and divorce cases and out of respect for the privacy of individuals, all are not listed here.

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