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Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Divorce, Elder, Healthcare, Matrimonial Property, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home

Andrew Friede is a skilled mediator who has helped resolve a wide variety of complex family, medical, and business disputes. His core strength is understanding the fundamental needs of the parties, and then helping them articulate their goals, have a dignified dialogue, and develop practical solutions based on shared interests. His interest and expertise in mediation grew out of a 30-year career as a researcher and executive in medicine, business, and information systems, where he developed a reputation for having outstanding listening and interpersonal skills; he was a sought-after coach and mentor. He was the go-to person for resolving seemingly intractable disputes between managers, staff, and clients.

After training in medicine, pediatrics, and preventive medicine, he was a CDC researcher focused on the diseases of infants and mothers; he later moved to CDC’s computer office, where he led the development of very large-scale computer systems used for public health research. In 1995, he won CDC’s Equal Opportunity Award for advancing the role of women in the workplace. For the last 20 years, he has worked in small, medium, and large (Fortune 1000) product, services, and consulting firms as a senior executive overseeing a wide variety of medical, scientific, and business functions; he also founded two medical software startups.

Dr. Friede earned his MD at Johns Hopkins and completed his MPH and residency in Preventive Medicine at Harvard. He has had extensive advanced training in General Mediation, Domestic and Family Mediation, and Domestic Violence Mediation. He is Board Certified in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, is an Elected Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics, and is a Licensed Physician in Georgia and Alabama. He is a Registered Neutral (the legal term for a mediator) in Georgia and Alabama for both General Civil and Domestic Relations Mediation.

What sets us apart is our special expertise in medicine, family issues, and business, which often enables us to identify subtle issues (including misconceptions and miscommunications) that may be standing in the way of resolving a dispute or addressing a challenging life circumstance. Our expertise, combined with our skills and practical experience, enables us to propose fresh ideas that help resolve disputes faster and at lower cost.
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