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Experience matters

Thank you for reading about me on Mediaiton.Com.  I am a fully trained TN Rule 31 Mediator in Civil Law, Family Law with Special Training in Domestic Violence Issues.  Since 2008 I have performed numerous mediations and volunteered my time to the local Juvenile Court to provide mediations for people who could not afford them otherwise, but who needed them desperately. Mediation is, quite simply, your chance to control your legal destiny before the man or woman in black, sitting on the bench, takes care of your issues for you.  Mediation improves your legal outcome and also allows the Court System to keep its docket open for cases where no compromise can be reached.   Compromise is not weakness, it is strength and the opportunity for you to settle your case in a manner you can more easily live happily with in the future.  Here are a few items to know about mediation and why you should insist that I become your mediator.

  • •Mediation is expected by our local Court systems in almost all cases before a trial date is set.  If all issues are not resolved in mediations, some issues are; and this fact allows one to have a shorter and less costly trial.


  • •As a non-attorney mediator I am not prone to advice giving.  Many attorney mediators are wonderful in mediations but all attorneys are trained to represent clients and this training is drilled into them so that they can be successful legal advocates.


  • •Mediations are confidential.  I use both the same room approach and the shuttle approach as the case demands and for the benefit of the litigants.


  • •Experience matters and helps.  All mediators have to have their first mediation.  I am 5 years into my professional mediation career and have assisted in cases from high profile personalities to mediating in jail.  No case intimidates me and all peoples’ needs are important to us here at Context Legal Administrative Support Services and Mediation.


  • •In my experience litigants appreciate a strong mediator with sensitivity to the fact they are in a life altering situation and quite often heart broken.  I am that mediator.  I do not and will not prefer one litigant over the other due to race, sex, religion, etc.


  • •Support during mediations for the mediator is imperative.  New situations arrive and I have the established network of mediators and attorneys in place to insure your mediation is a success.


  • •Sometimes litigants cannot or will not agree and this is unfortunate for them.  We encourage litigants to honestly try their best in the process because they have to live with the outcome, we do not.


  • •With 20 plus years in the legal system I have unique insights to the problems facing family law clients, custody clients and civil law clients. I attended David Lipscomb University and Kaplan Paralegal School and am a CLA candidate for 2014.


  • •Why should you choose me over an attorney mediator?  While all mediations and their outcomes are strictly confidential I have excelled in helping people of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds achieve legal peace in their lives so that they can move forward.  My rates are reasonable and my dedication unsurpassed.  In our local system, the mediation process is especially set up so that non-attorney mediators are used to provide balance, different experiences and views, and non-judgmental outcomes.


  • •I insist that litigants speak with me privately for 15 minutes each, complete pre-mediation forms, provide their Complaint, Answer and Counter Complaint and in some instances written discovery.  This allows me to thoroughly research your case and know each sides’ issues before the mediation begins.  These documents are never given to the opposite side and are kept in strictest confidence.


We look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to text me at the listed number, call us or email us.

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