Blasdel A. Reardon

Boston Solv
Construction, Mediation
Providence, Rhode Island 02901


Commercial, Construction, Contract, Landlord/Tenant, Partnership Disputes, Real Estate

Principal, BostonSolv
, a dispute prevention and mediation firm focusing on dispute resolution for commercial, industrial and selected residential construction projects. Blase is a civil engineer who also has a business background and who specializes in helping parties to resolve their own problems.

alternative dispute resolution (adr) experience


Mediated construction disputes, ranging from $50,000 to $2 million and involving as many as four parties. Subjects have covered many facets of construction, including miscellaneous metals, mechanical supports, millwork, soil conditions, foundations, worker’s compensationoverhead doors, electrical systems, schedule delays, adherence to designer specifications, water wells, drywall and interior construction, insulation and fire containment, change orders, and general conditions.

Dispute Review Board member:

Provided oversight for dispute avoidance and resolution to owners and contractors on such major construction projects as Boston Federal Courthouse and NSTAR 345kV electric transmission lines. Served as Panelist on one board and as Independent Neutral on another.


Arbitrated fee disputes between attorneys and clients as member of Massachusetts Bar Association Legal Fee Arbitration Board.

Pre-trial Conciliator:

Assisted in settling approximately 140 out of 180 civil- commercial cases in Wrentham District Court, Wrentham, Mass.

adr training

International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) training.  

Caltrans dispute review board training.

American Arbitration Association, arbitration training.

Completed requirements to serve as mediator in Massachusetts in accordance with MGL Chapter 233 §23C.

Mediation Works Inc., basic mediation training.

Dispute Review Board Foundation, administration and chairing workshops.                    

Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation. 1999-2000




MS, Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University. 1960       
BS, Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame. 1958

P.O. Box 51610

Fort Point Station

Boston, Ma. 02205

Cell:     617-851-3913

Fax:     617-423-1991     

Email:  [email protected]


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