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Brett Coonrod is a graduate of the University of North Texas and the University of Kansas School of Law.  He has worked for over 35 years representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases ranging from simple automobile cases to franchise disputes to complex tort litigation. Brett is formerly a founding partner of Smith Coonrod Mohlman, LLC and currently the founding partner of Coonrod Law, LLC and Plaza Mediation, LLC.  He is licensed in both Kansas and Missouri although he has been involved in cases pending throughout the United States in both state and federal courts.  Brett has represented parties in numerous mediations and brings a wealth of practical experience to the alternative dispute resolution process, allowing the process to be tailored to the facts of the case and the needs of the parties. Brett is currently a Kansas Supreme Court approved mediator and an approved mediator for the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, and particularly mediation, has proven itself to be a powerful tool in reducing conflicts between parties, saving the courts and litigants significant time and money and resulting in litigant, not attorney or court, driven resolutions which are generally more satisfying to the parties.  It is now an essential part of any litigation practice.  I have seen mediation work for my clients and now I want to be a part of making it work for you.

I recently formed Plaza Mediation, which is designed to provide the highest quality ADR services.  I am dedicated to using my experience as an attorney and my training as a mediator to achieve the best possible results for you.  I have been involved as an attorney for parties in numerous mediations and have completed over 40 hours of training devoted to mediation.  I am on the list of approved mediators for the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri and am approved by the Kansas Supreme Court.

My goal is to develop Plaza Mediation into a premier provider of ADR services. For additional information or to set up a mediation or arbitration please contact me at 816-912-0012.

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