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Benefits of Choosing a Business Mediator from the BMN Mediator Roster:


         Deep Business Experience – each of BMN's business mediators have over 25 years of hands-on business or business consulting experience.  Mediation clients can select mediators with MBA's, PhD's and law degrees or who have started businesses, managed public and private companies and likely have dealt with the very issues involved in the current dispute


         Match Mediator Skill Sets to the Issues in Dispute – BMN's Mediator Roster features an on-line searchable directory that allows potential mediation clients to match the industry experience and expertise of the mediator to the dispute


         Wired for Success – BMN business mediators bring to each mediation those personal attributes that made them successful in business – they are trustworthy, well prepared, respectful and responsive – attributes that studies show are important in achieving positive mediation results


         Business Focus – BMN features discounted fixed daily rates, flexible scheduling and a streamlined mediation 


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BMN offers career business people as mediators for business disputes. Traditional mediators are experts in the litigation process but have little if any business experience.  BMN believes that mediators with in-depth business experience are better able to help the parties solve business disputes for several reasons:


– Business mediators approach disputes in the same way they solved problems in their business careers - looking for resolutions that work for all parties rather than evaluating who has the best legal position


– There is no learning curve for business mediators who are familiar with the business issues involved and who have a first-hand understanding of the parties' interests and motivations


– Business mediators can offer creative ideas based upon their personal experiences in similar circumstances


Business Mediation Network makes it easy for clients to select mediators based upon industry and personal expertise offering an on-line searchable directory. Potential mediation clients can match the skill sets of the mediator to the issues involved.


BMN offers mediation clients the choice of low hourly rates or discounted fixed daily rates where the parties know before the mediation conference precisely how much it will cost.


Business Mediation Network believes that business issues do not become "legal problems" once a dispute arises.  Rather, they remain business problems in a different context.  BMN’s business mediators take “a business-like approach to business disputes.”


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