Carlos Sandi

Sandi Mediation and Conciliation Service LLC

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family
and County Mediator
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701


Bi-Lingual, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Divorce, Employment, Labor, Landlord/Tenant, Mediation Training, PreNuptials, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour

Carlos A. Sandi is a member of the International Registry of Associate Consultants. Mr. Sandi is a bilingual in Spanish practitioner of conflict resolution as it applies to Family law, county and small claims mediation, labor employee relations, and equal employment opportunity. He is a neutral who passionately believes in the power of resolving conflict through alternative means and applies this belief through education and practice for over 15 years. Mr. Sandi has held numerous respected positions, sat on various advisory boards, where his leadership and neutrality were key elements.

Career Highlights

Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Sandi, is a retired member of the United States Air Force. Mr. Sandi achieved the rank of Master Sergeant, the Air Force’s elite top three enlisted ranks, during his decorated career. 

As a Logistics Manager with the Air Force, Mr. Sandi’s primary responsibility was to improve his unit’s readiness and effectiveness. One of his many duties included activating the command post and to be the focal point during local exercises, real world contingencies and natural disasters such as Hurricane Andrew.  As the Resource Advisor, he executed the financial plan for his organization and actively participated as a voting member in the Financial Working Group. His outstanding oral and written communicating skills enabled him to be effective in surpassing the needs of the unit.

Mr. Sandi’s career with the Social Security Administration includes experience in Labor Management Relations, second Regional Vice President for Region IV, of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) labor union, equal employment opportunity counselor, tele-service representative, and a bilingual Social Insurance Claims Representative. Mr. Sandi became aware that as a leader, he must possess a well-rounded knowledge base, be sensitive to the humanistic aspects yet maintain focused on the mission, and understand the importance of how to build, and maintain an effective team.

Mr. Sandi is a contract Family Mediator with the 6th Judicial Circuit where he facilitates resolution of Family matters, county / small claims mediation, and landlord tenant issues.  If resolved, Mr. Sandi crafts an agreement, in accordance with established rules and procedures.  

Mr. Sandi is a former Adjunct Professor, Springfield College, Tampa, Florida Campus. Following are a few select examples of courses he has taught:

  • Transformational Alternatives: The Complexities of Ethical Issues
  • The Labor Movement and Contemporary Society
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Introduction to Mediation

Mr. Sandi has co-coordinated and co-presented seminars in Domestic Violence in collaboration with One Billion Rising organization.


Mr. Sandi holds a master’s degree from Springfield College in Human Services with a concentration in Organizational Management and Leadership.

He has also received certifications from the following:

  • Stetson University, College of Law, training in county mediation
  • University of South Florida, training in family mediation
  • Supreme Court of the State of Florida certification in Family and County Mediation
  • George Meany Center, Labor College, training in arbitration

 Professional Affiliations and Memberships

           Former Chairman, Community Advisory Board (CAB), Springfield College, Tampa Bay Campus
           Vice-president,  Hispanic Affairs  Advisory Council (HAAC)  Social Security Administration Tampa Bay Chapter
           Former member,  Latino Community Coalition of Tampa Bay
           Former Board member,  Young Men’s Christian Association
           Former Board member,  Habitat for Humanity, Sun-coast chapter

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Tampa, FL 33684

P: 813-753-6334
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