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Our law offices opened in 2001.  Since then, we have assisted hundreds of couples with family transitions.  We know you are concerned about your financial future and we can help whether your property issues are simple or complex.

As parents, we have all learned to pick our battles and that experience extends to the resolution of family law disputes.  We blend practical ideas with legal solutions to produce enduring results.  We know that children learn  by watching what we do so our goal is to support your desire to maintain integrity and respect throughout the legal process.

We  bring a holistic approach to the practice of law.  With years of experience as divorced parents who faced our own difficult challenges, we can weave tips on parenting, communication and community resources into the legal support we provide.

You've been thinking about divorce or separation for a while. You know something has to change but you don't know how to begin.  Maybe it makes you tired just to think of it.  You don't want to fight over custodyor money. You want to minimize the impact on your children.  You are concerned about your financial future. It is painful to stay but separation is so uncertain.  You want advice but you fear losing control to an attorney and escalating the conflict.

Divorce and separation may be difficult but the legal process need not be.

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