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My name is Catherine Futch.  I am a Registered Neutral mediating in the State of Georgia and practicing under the rules established by the Georgia Supreme Court.  I received my mediation training at the Justice Center of Atlanta, successfully completing the Basic Course in Mediation, the Advanced Mediation Course, Mediator Mentoring, and the Divorce Mediation Course.  I also completed the EEOC New Investigator Training Course as a means of preparing for discrimination mediations.


I have good experiences with my mediations thus far.  With very few exceptions, the parties have reached mutually acceptable agreements as to how to solve their differences and, in doing so, move on with their lives.  While mediation is not for everyone and not for every dispute, it is a wonderful approach to use for those who are ready to search for resolutions to their disputes outside the legal system, thus, saving themselves time, money and angst.


My nursing background has prepared me well to serve as a mediator.  During my nursing career I held a variety of positions ranging from staff nurse, to head nurse, to department director, to Assistant Vice President for Nursing Services, to Vice President Regional Compliance and Regional Compliance Officer, the role I held when I retired.  I have been involved professionally on a variety of boards and advisory committees and served on the Board of Directors and as President Elect, President and Past President of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing. Each of those positions called for an ability to resolve disputes, restore order, maintain a professional environment and find ways to bring opposing views to a moment when both sides could find a way to move more to the center of what needed to be accomplished, letting go of those things that were not essential to the position they wanted to take and taking on workable approaches to the issues at hand.


As I prepared to retire I often said to my colleagues and peers that if, on your last day of work as you looked back over your career, you could say you worked hard, you met your responsibilities to those entrusted to you whether they be patients and families, or staff, or departments or the organization, and along the way you made a meaningful difference, then what more could you ask for?  My answer on that last day was yes, I clearly understood that I had had the privilege of having a really spectacular career.  As I have entered the world of mediation, I am working to make certain I can, as I one day in the distant future retire from mediation, once again answer yes, knowing that I did work hard, I did earn trust and respect and I did make a difference for those who came to me for mediation and along the way I really enjoyed the process.


All work and no play is no fun and not good for anyone.  I play golf (thankfully my handicap is coming down nicely) and I turn wood on a lathe, making bowls, pens, wine stoppers, boxes and a variety of other things.  Being able to find your creative self and in the process enjoy what you are doing with your hands is a very special treat.


I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps mediating for you or those you represent.


Catherine J. Futch, MN, RN, NEA-BC, CHC, FACHE

                                                                                     Registered Neutral

Over the last few years my practice has evolved around the following distinct areas.  First, general disputes between individuals and between businesses. Second, landlord/tenet disputes, often most difficult where no written and signed lease exists. Third, debt related mediation either court ordered or requested by the parties.  Because of my background work experiences I would like to extend my mediation practice to disputes related to elder care, healthcare and discrimination.

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