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Dana Garnett believes a family is capable of acknowledging and resolving issues that arise from interacting with each other when operating a business due to differing opinions, visions and goals.
Yet: Why does a family tend to risk incurring the emotional and financial cost of ignoring or avoiding issues? Why do they wait until they are forced to address these because an event has occurred? Why do they wait until it's likely too late to truly resolve things and their family business suffers or fails?

Perhaps family members take this risk because they don't realize that by not addressing their own issues today, they are likely choosing to give away their power to an outside process that will ultimately decide the outcome beyond their control.

Is there a relationship issue around your family business? 

How would resolving the issue now help your family business? 

What is the cost to your family and business of doing nothing? 

As a CPA, Dana understands how your family business operates.  As a Mediator, she reads the family dynamics and their impact on your family business operation. Dana works objectively with family issues, alongside the family's business advisors when needed, and facilitates family business dynamics using an evidenced-based skill set that: 

     Empowers family members to work together effectively;

     Builds resilience individually and as a family; and, above all,

     Helps ensure succession of your business long-term. 

The Mindful Strategy that Dana applies guides family business owners, their employees and families through efficient and effective real-time conflict management processes. Results include: enhanced communication, enhanced creativity, reduced stress, andimproved decision making for a productive and resilient business.

Dana's keen focus on family businesses stems from her early experience in public accounting as an auditor serving small to medium family businesses; and later, experiencing a series of life crises that led to serious financial loss and emotional hardship within her own family, which inspired her to become a mediator.

Further business experience includes:
     International Change Management
     Corporate International Internal Audit
     Certified Corporate Trainer
     Building Project Management

- all with one of the world's most recognized companies -

and, twenty-two years international experience with diverse cultures across six continents.

With a fervid interest in the neuroscience of conflict and family conflict, Dana is motivated and dedicated to work with families in business together who wish to truly resolve their issues for the sake of their business, and for the sake of their family.

Dana is currently based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

3131 McKinney Avenue, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75204

P: 214-643-6064
E: [email protected]