Daniel R. Zmijewski


9229 Ward Parkway
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Business, Commercial, Construction, Contract, Corporate, Education, Personal Injury, Real Estate

For more than ten years, I have represented individuals and corporations. For the majority of that time, I worked at one of the largest law firms in the country where I managed, tried, or settled a full spectrum of cases. During that time, I discovered my passion for representing individuals and small companies so I joined a smaller firm to focus on representing plaintiffs.  

Now at DRZ Law, I use my experience, training, and talents representing small businesses, entrepreneurs or individuals as plaintiffs when hurt or wronged or as defendants when meritless claims are filed. I also serve as a mediator with the goal of showing all parties the entire picture and seeking a middle ground.

I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and attended Rockhurst High School, the George Washington University and the University of Kansas Law School. I now live in Kansas City with my wife and our four children.
With more than ten years representing plaintiffs and defendants in all types of litigation, I have the necessary skills and training to perform as an adept and perceptive mediator. I obtained my certification for mediation through training at the University of Missouri.

I understand when parties finally agree to seek resolution to claims that have burdened them for years, the mediator is pivotal to potential resolution.

While no mediator can guarantee a resolution,  I promise that my mediations will not waste any lawyer’s time or client’s money. Preparation is vital for a successful mediation and I perform pre-mediation investigation when necessary to avoid wasting valuable time on issues that can be resolved at the outset.

I do everything possible to satisfy the parties involved and seek any form of potential resolution when the parties may be at a stalemate. When complete resolution is not possible, if necessary, I will focus on obtaining some form of resolution to portions of the litigation by identifying each party’s alternatives and negotiate to a satisfactory resolution.  Ultimately, however, I want to get the parties to “YES.”
9229 Ward Parkway, Suite 370
Kansas City, Missouri 64114

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