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Discrimination, Employment, Financial, Labor, Securities, Sexual Harassment, Workplace, Wrongful Termination

With thirty years of experience in labor relations, employment law, and collective bargaining, Arbitrator Dave Gaba is the right choice to help parties resolve their disputes. Arbitrator Gaba combines his experience as an administrative law judge in evidentiary hearings to conduct efficient and professional arbitrations.

Arbitrator Gaba has participated in hundreds of arbitrations, administrative hearings, mediations, and state and federal lawsuits, as an advocate for both plaintiffs and defendants as well as acting as a neutral in hundreds of cases. Arbitrator Gaba routinely hears matters of contract interpretation, disciplinary issues, representation issues, employment law, election law, ERISA, FLSA, and occupational safety and health on a nationwide basis. Arbitrator Gaba has experience with labor-management partnerships and interest-based bargaining and has experience in the healthcare, entertainment, building trades, and service industries, as well as the public sector. Some of his reported cases can be found at:

Linn Cnty., 136 LA 616 (2016), Andersen Structures, 135 LA 935 (2015), Simpson Lumber Co., 133 LA 1789 (Arb. 2014), Electrolux Home Products, 132 LA 1559 (2014), Clearwater Paper Corp., 132 LA 465 (2013), Holly Frontier Refining Co., 130 LA 1669 (2012), Crown Cork and Seal USA, 130 LA 1015 (2012), Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, 130 LA 724 (2012); Kimberly-Clark Corp., 130 LA 305 (2011), City of Oakland, 128 LA 1217 (2011), Oregon Department of Corrections, 127 LA 641 (2010), County of Monterey, 127 LA 207 (2009), Grandview School District, 126 LA 1263 (2009), City of Montclair, 127 LA 32 (2009), U.S. Department of the Army, 125 LA 1287 (2008), Lincoln Electric System, 125 LA 1185 (2008), United Parcel Service, 124 LA 1032 (2008), The Canyons Inc. 123 LA 1271 (2007), St. Peter Hospital, 123 LA 473 (2007), Klamath County, 122 LA 1745 (2006), Lehigh Cement Co., 122 LA 643 (2006), Fluor Hanford, 122 LA 65 (2005), Denver School District, 120 LA 816 (2004), Basin Electric Power Cooperative, 120 LA 210 (2004), Graphic Packaging International, 120 LA 140 (2004), Kitsap County, 119 LA 1753 (2004), Seattle School District,  119 LA 481 (2004), Mission Foods,  118 LA 1608 (2004),  Rabanco Recycling,  118 LA 1411 (2003),   City of Mill Creek, 116 LA 101 (2001).

With over twenty years of mediation experience Mr. Gaba has helped parties resolve hundreds of labor, employment, and securities disputes.  In addition to labor and employment cases Mr. Gaba has extensive experience mediating cases filed against brokerage firms, banks, and financial institutions and served for years as a FINRA Arbitrator hearing both securities and employment cases. Dave is a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and is the past chairman of the Northwest Chapter.

Mr. Gaba’s approach to mediation is principally evaluative and "hands on." He is always FULLY prepared for every case. He deals with complex legal issues on a regular basis, and of course the facts as they exist. Mr. Gaba genuinely cares about the litigants on BOTH sides, their respective needs and concerns, and works zealously yet compassionately within that framework, to help effectuate a meaningful resolution. Mr. Gaba does not require nor encourage opening statements unless specifically requested by the parties. Mr. Gaba’s settlement rate is well over 90% and the overwhelming majority of cases settle at the initial session.

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