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Attorneys Fees, Business, Civil Litigation, Complex Litigation, Contract, Elder Abuse, Food and Drug, Personal Injury, Professional Malpractice, Real Estate, Wrongful Termination

During his 45 years practicing law, David Hicks has been remarkably successful in meeting the realistic objectives of his clients, even in the most complex of cases. The over two thousand cases he has handled doing community service as an appointed Temporary Superior Court Trial Judge, Referee, Settlement Commissioner, Early Neutral Case Evaluator; training and direct experience in conducting arbitrations and mediations; and his trial practice, are precisely what it takes to understand how to get a dispute finished and mutually resolved. The kinds of cases he has worked on are across the spectrum of civil practice in state and federal courts. His focus is simple: how to help each side find their way to resolution, while preserving complete confidentiality.

In the process, the parties will come to better understand the strength and weaknesses of their case, the determinative facts and legal issues, and what resolution options are realistically available.

He was an adjunct professor of law, lecturer, including serving as core lead instructor for UC Berkeley’s paralegal certification extension program during its first year. He served for six years as a Deputy Attorney General and Deputy District Attorney. He has served as City Attorney, and prior to that as a City and County Commissioner in Oakland and Alameda County.

Mr. Hicks’s easy going nature, and grasp of the importance of being well-prepared, combined with being a keen listener to the concerns of parties he assists, underpin his career as a complex problem solver.


Why Mediation?

When you are in your fourth or fifth year after you file a lawsuit and you still can’t get the Court to set a firm trial date, you’ll wish you tried an effective mediator much earlier.

Contact us at [email protected] – Let us have the privilege of trying to help you get disputes behind you. Best to turn your focus forward to working on more positive and productive work than litigating for years.

North State Mediation’s Primary Goals :

To provide cost-effective expeditious dispute and issue resolution, and to provide the close attention that is required for successful mediation. We will move quickly to get you to “finished” with disputes. And, we will accept cases in virtually all areas of the law.

Education:  Juris Doctor, University of California at Davis. B.A., Political Science, International Relations, SJSU, 1969, Humanities Honors. Honor Societies in Journalism and Political Science.

Admitted To Practice in California (1972) and New York (ret.); The United States Supreme Court; the United States District Courts for Maine, and all U.S. District Courts of California; Chancery Courts of Delaware and Tennessee (p.h.v.).

P.O. Box 562
Dunsmuir CA 96025


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