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California law license currently voluntarily inactive Febuary 1, 2008, reinstatable at Mr. Aran’s request. Arizona resident.

  • B.A. Pepperdine University; LLB-JD Southwestern University School of Law; admitted to practice in all California State Courts; Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal; several United States District Courts, and the United States Supreme Court.

  • Former private practice with office in Beverly Hills, Encino, or Sherman Oaks, California. He has received honors, and recognition from the California Supreme Court, and the Assembly Branch of the State of California Legislature, for his service to the State of California as an attorney, and as the author of CH. 2.5 Sects. 5490-5499 of the California Business & Professions Code.  Mr. Aran has preserved the identity of all businesses throughout California to be protected in the use of their on-premise business identification signage, from undue governmental interference; Guest Speaker, International Municipal Lawyers Assoc. Washington DC.

  • Professional experience: Commercial and multi-unit real property; land use; business signage; constitutional and civil rights violations; environmental issues; condemnation; business and business asset purchase or sale; construction defect; contract breach, remedy and interpretation; personal injury, cause and damages; title or general insurance; franchisor- franchisee relations; business financial issues; real property exchanges, governmental abuse, local, state or federal; mediation / arbitration, trademark (Lanham Act, etc.).

  • Served as statewide counsel for the California Sign Association and Chief Legal Counsel for the Sign Users Council of California, while maintaining his private legal practice. Former Chairperson of the executive committee of the Public Law Section of the State Bar of California, and former member of the American Bar Assoc. He has authored and published chapters in Continuing Education of the Bar books and served as moderator or panel member for CEB in California.

  • Mr. Aran has served as pro-bono hot line advisor to the California Board of Realtors. He was appointed and served as a Superior Court Judge Pro-tem, and arbitrator / mediator as needed.

  • Formerly appointed to the City of Scottsdale Redevelopment Board. He is currently serving as primary executive member of this ADR private group.

Dispute Resolution Professionals, pllc (An Arizona ADR group serving both Arizona and California)

An informed public has long favored arbitration and mediation. As the complexity and cost of litigation has sky rocketed, and court congestion with ever increasing delays in obtaining justice has worsened, numerous litigants have increasingly turned to ADR (arbitration-mediation) as a more meaningful and affordable way to settle disputes they cannot avoid or satisfactorily resolve.

It is now widely recognized that disputants, in most instances, can obtain more fulfilling results through ADR than through conventional litigation.

Mediation and arbitration proceedings are conducted in private and are confidential.  Confidentiality by all parties, mediator or arbitrator is an essential backbone of ADR.

Business conflicts are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex.  Many corporations, partnerships (general and limited), and large and smaller business require that mediation or arbitration be used in place of court litigation in order to incur lower fees and costs, avoid unnecessary delay,  maintain control over the process, have confidentiality guaranteed, and choose their own arbitrator / mediator group.

Many companies require employee, product liability and customer claims to be mediated, and if without settlement or resolution, require arbitration or mediation in lieu of court proceedings.

While utilization of private ADR is generally the first and last step needed to complete a dispute resolution process and resolve the parties dispute, it should be noted that private Alternative Dispute Resolution can be used at any stage of a dispute, and is also effective before or after litigation has been filed.


We at Dispute Resolution Professionals, Pllc, bring collectively more than 145 years of practical experience and knowledge of the mediation or arbitration advantage.  We are attorneys; accountant; medical doctors; business planners; business owners; professors of law, economics, and dispute resolution goaled.

Our mediators, arbitrators are experts in various fields of endeavors.  We have one common denominator—each has repeatedly demonstrated the highest of people skills—a necessity to the resolution of disputes.  Each of our mediator / arbitrator professionals are in their own right highly competent and capable to promote fair and reasonable resolution, often within the first day of mediation or through arbitration reach a fair and just decision. A complete list of our group is included in the "About Us" page, including a brief bio of each individual.

Dispute Resolution Professionals, Pllc, can provide services in a broad range of areas.

We welcome you to our world of mediation and arbitration.  See for yourself the value of our mediation / arbitration services.



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