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Dr. Fitch brings to the mediation process an unwavering commitment in guiding disputants toward understanding and realizing an amicable and lasting resolution. Mediation is a wise alternative to litigation. The considerable cost that often comes attached to litigation, including fees, disruption, delay, risk, lack of control, and other difficulties are inherent to the adversarial system and can be costly. The mediation process is about guiding parties to resolve their differences sensibly and compassionately toward a lasting and peaceful resolution. Dr. Fitch expertly utilizes his considerable conflict resolution skillset for reaching beyond the emotional component often attached to the dispute process to encourage valuable communication from participants. Dr. Fitch guides parties to identify fair, reasoned and amicable resolutions along the way. As a mediator and conflict resolution professional, Dr. Edward Fitch guides clients to identify areas of agreement. Expert guidance leads clients to see workable solutions toward crafting a final agreement regardless of perceptive differences, challenges, or a particular dispute’s complexity. Flexibility, rationality, pragmatism, individual needs, and achievement of goals remain most important in mediation; thus, the process is always malleable and customizable from one negotiated settlement to the next. Dr. Fitch is adept at solving problems within a process that demands active listening, thoughtful communication, collaboration, understanding, persistence, and creativity.
Litigation tends to be about one-party asserting power over another, either morality or legal right or both and is dependent on the perception of the facts and the law. Rather than relying on the external perception or judgment of another party potentially obscured to the truth by a skill lawyer or bias applied to the facts or parties, Dr. Fitch, weeds through the clutter bringing into focus each party’s issues, concerns, and interests with clarity. For instance, what are the core concerns, needs, desires, goals, and fears that underlie each party's position? Once identified, the process of mediation allows a mediator to continue to probe each other's underlying core concerns, find common interests, search for creative solutions, and create value by making trade-offs of opposing and common interests ultimately arriving at a satisfactory consensus. While there are several theoretical ways to approach mediation, Dr. Fitch believes that the mediator must be adept with active listening to correctly understand and address the issues and concerns of all disputing parties effectively. All parties deserve to be heard and understood with clarity. Dr. Fitch has the life experience, training, and insight to identify and work through the emotional factors that may be getting in the way to a successful resolution. Dr. Fitch understands that productive communication among participants holds the key to a lasting resolution. Dr. Fitch fosters an environment that encourages active participation from all participants in the mediation process.

Professional Background

Dr. Fitch’s full slate of experience spans numerous fields, from conflict resolution, conflict management, scientific research, academics, real estate, technology, investments to organizational development. Put into context, Dr. Fitch held multiple investment licenses in several countries including the Series-7, and at one time provided thousands of investors daily financial information over broadcast radio. He studied the equity markets at home and abroad while domiciled in S.E. Asia, and has built organizations including successful restaurants and technology from scratch, some of which developed into publicly traded entities. These along with numerous additional experiences, including inter-cultural and cross-cultural understanding and increased emotional intelligence, an associated benefit, all help in refining a conflict resolution skill-set molded around values of trust, insight, and creativity. These values are essential attributes in a mediator that together equate with disputants realizing a successful outcome that is both peaceful and lasting.



Dr. Fitch received a Master's degree in Conflict Management and a Doctorate of Education with an emphasis in Conflict Management from Abilene Christian University. Dr. Fitch earned certificates in mediation, advanced mediation of marital and relationship disputes, conflict resolution and negotiation from the Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution in Texas. Having invested thousands of hours researching the concept of trust, including building and maintaining a valuable swift trust perception while respecting individual differences; this exists as a unique skill that sets Dr. Fitch apart from others in the field. This skill serves his clients a distinct advantage regardless of the circumstance needing resolution. 
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