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 I would like to take a moment and welcome you to the official website of The Claim Firm, LLC.  It is my pleasure to take this opportunity and congratulate you on educating yourself about the practice of mediation, and the services that we can offer you.  I would like to be the first to tell you that I personally believe in the process of mediation.  I have spent the majority of my professional career settling disputes among parties, drafting settlement agreements, and working with individuals, attorneys, insurance companies, businesses and organizations to achieve resolution(s). What I have learned over the past 10 years, is that we as people want to be heard, treated fairly, and to feel validated. The Claim Firm allows you that platform, along with the ability to comfortably present your position, all while experienced professionals help you to develop a plan of resolution against any personal or legal matter that you may be faced with. I have personally investigated, mediated, and settled matters for those including but not limited too; Individual Clients, Top Rated Insurance Carriers, Fortune 500 Companies, and the Government.  Not all matters are going to be ideal for the mediation process, but I do feel that mediation will offer you the best chance at reaching a fair resolution where you are given the justifiable platform you deserve to present your case and seek a resolution that you are comfortable with.  I also want to make you aware that mediation can often times help you to avoid some legal expense(s), but our practice is not designed to take attorneys away from your legal process, if you feel the need to seek or already have legal counsel involved.  A majority of cases can and are often times mediated without attorney involvement, but we gladly work with attorneys everyday and thoroughly enjoy the relationships that we build with them, as well as the joint venture in bringing disputes to resolution. Before I go, I wish to leave you with the following points about mediation, and ask that if you have any further questions, to please contact our office or me directly so that we can determine your need for services.  We also offer the ability to send out a mediation attempt notice to all involved parties, to make them aware of your desire to enter into a mediation agreement, in an attempt to resolve the matter(s) in question. 

What is Mediation ?

Mediation is a fair and neutral process that is a confidential alternative to court which can save you and or your client time and money. It is conducted in a relaxed environment where you can help to decide the outcome of your case or legal matter.

What is Insurance Claim Mediation ?

A process that provides the opportunity of settling insurance claims by removing some of the time consuming aspects of the claims settlement process, and by avoiding unnecessary claim related and legal expense(s). Insurance policies include provisions which allow alternative settlement methods such as mediation to be entered into, as a good faith settlement attempt. It is often quicker and allows a suitable platform for the involved parties and the insurance companies to settle open claims or dispute the monetary difference of claims, so that resolution can be achieved and the parties indemnified

The Claim Firm is a specialized mediation practice offering services to individuals, attorneys, law firms, insurance companies, businesses, organizations, counties, and to the honorable courts of Tennessee.  The Claim Firm conducts mediation services by offering full travel to where ever your need is.  We are happy to utilize your place of business, law office, or a conference room while we travel, but we can also conduct mediation services from our main negotiation center in Bristol, Tennessee.  We also have the ability to offer secure online mediation services through a webinar / webcam conferencing based software service, so that all parties can participate from the comfort of their home or office.  We believe in the process of mediation and the platform that is offers and we are willing to work with you and or your client by offering service with a free consultation, no hourly minimum or fee requirements, and no cancellation fee(s). We offer a sliding fee schedule for services based upon individual need and case matter.  If you are an insurance company referral, then we offer a flat rate fee schedule for mediation / settlement services, depending on the amount of the claim demand / exposure.

Our mission is to be there for you when a quality settlement negotiation matters to the lives of those involved, when time is of the essence, so that a beneficial resolution can be achieved for all parties.

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