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Auto Accident, Bad Faith, Business, Commercial, Complex Civil, Employment, Negligence, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Slip & Fall

Grant A. Wright (born 1961 in Mobile, AL) was admitted to the Alabama State Bar in 1987 after earning his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Alabama. Mr. Wright’s practice primarily focuses on bankruptcy and insurance defense litigation including worker’s compensation, product liability, and personal injury. As a full-service practitioner, Mr. Wright also assists private clients in preparing wills, probating estates and certain aspects of family law.

In addition, Mr. Wright is an experienced mediator and is certified by the Alabama Bar Association in alternative dispute resolution. Mr. Wright has served as a mediator for over 20 years. His broad range of legal experience has prepared Mr. Wright to conduct these mediations with a firm knowledge of the law and the expected outcome at trials. This knowledge has proven to be a valuable asset in the resolution of disputed claims.

What is Mediation?

It’s the smart alternative for people who want to determine their own future.

Mediation, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), or conflict resolution is an open discussion process for managing negotiations between the parties led by a neutral mediator. The impartial mediator encourages the parties in a dispute to communicate face to face to identify key issues, gather relevant information, and create options for resolution without a long, costly, emotionally draining court battle.

The ultimate goal of mediation is to have the parties work out their own solutions, rather than having a solution to their dispute imposed by a judge or magistrate. Mediation is non-adversarial, private, less costly, and faster.

Frequently, people enter litigation with fixed uncompromising positions on their case and conflict. When they argue from these rigid positions, it is easy to reach stalemate, impasse, and frustration.

Mediation, by focusing on the needs and interests underlying these positions, is better able to create solutions that are acceptable to all parties and it does it at a reduced financial and emotional cost. The burdensome depositions, interrogatories, motions, hearings, trials and appeals that are at the heart of litigation are eliminated. The parties are able to “move on” with less stress and animosity.

Mr. Wright is a member of:

  • Alabama Defense Lawyers Association (Past Chairman, Workers’ Compensation Committee)
  • Alabama Workers’ Compensation Defense Lawyers Association
  • Alabama Workers’ Compensation Organization
  • Colbert County Bar Association
  • Alabama State Bar Association (Member, Workmen’s Compensation Law, Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Bankruptcy and Commercial Law)
  • American Bar Association
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