Harold C. Cohen

Harold C. Cohen, Ph.D

Baltimore, Maryland 21228


Business, Civil, Commercial, Employment, Family, Labor, Landlord/Tenant, Workplace

 Harold C. Cohen is an ADR specialist who practices mediation and arbitration mainly in the Baltimore metropolitan area, but is available across the country. Dr. Cohen specializes in public safety, healthcare, and medical mediation. He also is experienced in civil, human resources, and family mediation.

 Harold is a panel mediator or arbitrator for the Maryland District Court, the EEOC (field and pro bono rosters), the BBB, the American Health Lawyer’s Association, FINRA, and the National Futures Association. He is also involved in ADR leadership, where he was the President 2015-2016 of the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution (MCDR), the oldest Maryland ADR membership association in Maryland.


 • Doctor of Philosophy, Health Services, WaldenUniversity,Minneapolis,MN, 2000

• Master of Science, Emergency Health Services Administration and Management, University of Maryland, Baltimore     County,Maryland, 1989

 • Bachelor of Science, Social Sciences, TowsonStateUniversity, Towson,Maryland, 1980

 • Certificate, Senior Management of State and Local Government, Harvard University, JFK School of Government, 2002

 Dr. Cohen has also obtained professional mediator certification from the Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution.


2010-Present  Harold C. Cohen, Ph.D., Alternative Dispute Resolution, Catonsville, MD

Dr. Cohen provides alternative dispute resolution services including: mediation, arbitration, fact finding, hearing officer, and group facilitation. He is a member of the American Health Lawyers Association panel for mediation and arbitration, FINRA arbitration and mediation panel, and the National Futures Association arbitration panel. He serves as a mediator for the District Court of Maryland, and the EEOC, BBB  Baltimore field office. Dr. Cohen’s specialty areas include labor/management, healthcare, commercial, public safety, and other situations where non-legal problem solving solutions are superior to litigation.






35 Anderson Ridge Road
Catonsville, MD. 21228

Phone:   443-829-8113
Email:    [email protected]   

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